...Dojo94 was born! Randomly selected teams, equipment, and additional rules created these three short films.



Created by: Selena Boyer & Sebastian Buffa
Camera: Canon DSLR with Telefoto Lens

Additional Rules:

  • Must include a dream.
  • Must include a transition.
  • Must include the filmmakers on camera.
  • Must include stop-motion (VETO'D)

Yet No One Knows WelL

Team: Andrew Degner & Alex Palma
Camera: JVC Handicam

Additional Rules:

  • Must include a dolly shot.
  • Must include a tracking shot.
  • Must include darkness.
  • Must include a cameo. (VETO'D)

Bad jazz

Team: Andrea Raggio & Nate Coleman
Camera: Vivitar DVR 508

Additional Rules:

  • Must include an interview.
  • Must include a song.
  • Must have title sequence.
  • Must have a reoccurring occurrence.