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Miss Chiff & Jovan "Motivated" Music Video Premiere!

Hey everyone!

Jovan and Miss Chiff will be releasing a music video for their single "MOTIVATED" on the morning of June 20th. BUT, we'd like to give those involved in the making of the video as well as some of our closest friends a sneak peek of the final product! 

Please join us at The Dojo on Sunday June 19th for a private video screening. Light refreshments will be provided.

We are keeping this event small with respect to the venue. The Dojo is being very kindly allowing us to use their space for this screening.

Our music video was written, produced, and directed by Miss Chiff and Jovan. 

Giant thank you to Parker Foster of Visual SZN for the insanely great cinemotagraphy and editing!

The video is a day in the life of a child's daydream. His imagination slips into a creepy circus and he watches characters come to life.

Lastly! Come check out a second viewing of the gallery from the previous night's event- The Dojo Presents: Brown Skin Lady Summer Session

The dojo is a safe space and platform for experienced and inexperienced artists willing to share their work, stories, experiences, voice, and energy with others. Please respect each other and the space. also keep the smoke outside, pals.

The Dojo is an Olive Space which means no harmful or oppressive behavior is welcome here. We work with the Feminist Action Support Network and any violators will be asked to leave.

there is no defeat in this dojo!