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The Dojo Presents: Communion

The Dojo Presents: Communion

A music release series curated by: 
Rhea The Second and The DOJO

Release Dates

Sep 1 • Chance (ILLVille Vanguard + DJ Skoli) 
Oct 6 • � 
Nov 3 • �
Dec 1 • �



The sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level.

Who is Rhea The Second?

Rhea The Second is a Chicago based Singer/Songwriter and Producer ready to declare her spot as a leading vessel in this outpouring of female creatives. Absorbing every utterance of musical sound surrounding her from adolescence to adulthood, Rhea has finally developed a sound she proudly calls her own. Inspired by beat, vibe and self evolution, Rhea The Second is a composition of ambient synths, space like sounds, heavy bass and body-nudging rhythms that accompany poetically expressed truths, realizations and life lessons. 


9PM- ILLVille Vanguard
10PM- Rhea The Second
11PM-DJ Skoli

IMPORTANT: The Dojo will always facilitate a Safe Space which means NO harmful or oppressive behavior is welcome here. Harmful oroppressive behavior includes: Harrasment. Violence. Violation of Consent. Racism. Misogyny. Heteorsexism. Antagonism. Silencing. Intimidation. Coercion. Any violators will be asked to leave.

*There is NO DEFEAT with the Dojo**