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Incorporate: A play in development, by Wilfredo Ramos Jr.

The 2016 election has left many Americans disenfranchised and dehumanized. We need to push back. We need to push forward. We need to do it now. 

Join us for a community potluck and staged reading of new play INCORPORATE, framing the Inauguration.

-- WEDNESDAY JAN 18 @ 8pm at The Dojo (*address FB messaged to attendees day-of; or text the team!)

-- SUNDAY JAN 22 @ 8pm at Pride Arts Center (4147 N Broadway)


Read on for more info....

We may live in a one-party town, but we're still marinating (as we have been since our nation's founding) in a culture of Us v. Them. 
Witness the Trump rally at UIC. Add to this our own local divisions. Witness the layout of the El. 
Witness the antagonism of the police toward black and brown young people. Witness the gang warfare. 

The water is on boil and there are folks out there, folks who belong (un)wittingly to the cult of solipsism, who are gleefully stirring the pot.

We need to push back. We need to push forward. We need to do it now. 

The goal of the Incorporate readings is to help us get cooking. 
With these performances, we set ourselves four tasks. 

1) To subvert a pageant of oppression with alternative, progressive programming. 
2) To help Freddie perfect the recipe of Incorporate, so he can serve it to the masses. 
3) To discuss how we feed a culture of self-service that leaves us all at risk of exploitation and to cook up ideas for how we can better commune.
4) To unite-- as Americans, Chicagoans, and humans-- over food. 

We look forward to seeing you at Brenda Blender's inaugural ball! 


INCORPORATE is a new play in development written by Wilfredo Ramos Jr. , directed by Alyssa Vera Ramos, and produced by Sebastion Olayo.

With the talents of: Alex Tey, Mariana Green, Karen Rodriguez, Adia Alli, Kelsey Godfrey, Travis Delgado, Will Kiley, and Avi Roque.