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Birthed and curated by the creative social entrepreneurship of Junjune. 

The Mo'lasses experiment: is a multidisciplinary collaboration between sound maestro Brother El and visual artist Viktor Le.

Givens Inspired by his recently publish hybrid creative fiction book by the same name. "Mo'lasses"

experiential offering to the community aimed at highlighting the importance of southern folk heritage preservation and reverence for the ancestors. Dressed through art and sound.

The evening will feature taste testings, sound sessions, performance excerpts and fashion"

All is welcome to dress in the fashion, from the 1920's adding to the experience. We proudly present to you.

The Mo'lasses experiment:

We have some great vendors, with a lot of great bargains. Aplomb vintage and Lotus Love, Linda Nkosi, also herbal essences from Rita J

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The Dojo is a Safer Space which means NO harmful or oppressive behavior is welcome here. Harmful or oppressive behavior includes: Harassment. Violence. Violation of Consent. Racism. Misogyny. Heterosexism. Antagonism. Silencing. Intimidation. Coercion. Any violators will be asked to leave.

~there is no defeat in this dojo~